Sensei Tee (left) with our extreme Etsuju Horii Shihan (right).

Shihan - Etsuju Horii Shihan

Etsuju Horii Shihan (7th Dan) [Click here for complete profile of Etsuju Horii Shihan]

Advisor - Sensei Tee Cheng Sum

Sensei Tee Cheng Sum (6th Dan) Sensei Tee is a passionate Aikido master with over 30 years of Aikido experience. He has been actively promoting Aikido for many years and his untiring efforts continue until today.

Besides Aikido, Sensei Tee is also an exponent in the art of Tae Kwan Do and Tai Chi Chuan.

As part of his study and development, Sensei Tee has participated in various Aikido seminars. They include a Budo seminar at Budo University, Katsura City, Japan and training at Hombu Dojo (Shinjukuku), Tokyo.

Chief Instructor - Sensei Kow Kien Peng

Sensei Kow Kien Peng (4th Dan)

Contact Information

Sensei Tee Cheng Sum
HP: 012-394 4772

Sensei Kow Kien Peng
HP: 019-211 4686


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