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  • All of our centres (dojos) are temporarily closed until further notice due to current Movement Control Order (MCO).
    Thank you for your kind understanding and we do look forward to seeing you back in training when it is safe to do so.

For further information, please contact Sensei Tee
at +6012 394 4772 or email:


Aikido is a modern art of self- defense. It has its origins in Japan.

The physical art of Aikido evolved from a combination of various Jujitsu styles, sword and spear fighting arts innovatively.

Aikido however is not a narrow art of fighting techniques. It has its roots deep in universal laws. The study of Aikido promotes a sense of well-being as it helps us to develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

Today, Aikido is practiced worldwide by more than a million people in over fifty countries. Aikido as a self-defense art is also adopted by the Japanese Police Forces.

Welcome Note

"Welcome to Seishinkai Aikido Centre's website. It provides information on activities organized by the Centre and its various dojos. Everyone is invited to join our activities and learn the art of Aikido. We welcome suggestions on how we can further improve our website. Chief Instructor, Sensei Tee Cheng Sum




  1. To promote Aikido in Malaysia.
  2. To foster social integration and mutual respect.
  3. To develop healthy bodies, minds and spirits.

Word of Mouth

"Besides developing our physical abilities, practicing Aikido can increase our mental alertness and sensitivity to our surroundings." - Allen Hoong

"As an extra-mural activity, Aikido brings many benefits to the individual. Aikido is good for health and it also helps us to reduce our stress and tension - especially after a hectic day." - Chris Chang


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